If your seed is that important, what makes it so. I believe it's the very nature of the seed that makes it important. And until we know that we ourselves, whilst been someone's fruits, have seeds embedded in us. What is the nature of seed?

1. It is in-born . Your seed is already in you. Already wired into your system. Your abilities are elements of your seed. You were born with it(them). God formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother's womb. Ps 139:13. There are certain things that we brought from 'heaven' Eunuchs who were born thus from their mother's womb...Mt 19:12.

God has already preloaded you and has called you for something great. Find that seed in you. A story I heard shared in a message by a preacher gave strength to this fact. A physically challenged boy was able to play the piano at a professional level, just listening to his physically fit brother taken lessons. That boy did not need his hands and legs to play like a maestro, he tapped into his inner seed, and came out most powerfully.

2. Seed is instinctive -There are others who are just good in certain areas. They have an untaught ability. It just comes. They just know how to do some stuff. They have a masterly flair to be experts in certain areas. No one need to teach them. Daniel was such a person. We didn't read anywhere where he was taught, but that the King set him aside as an intelligent person. Naturally intelligent with very high IQ. Young men in whom there was no blemish but good looking, gifted in all wisdom, possessing knowledge and quick to understand, who had ability to serve in the King's palace . Daniel 1:4. Such people have peculiar seed in them. No wonder Daniel spontaneously responded to problems and bring forth solutions without much hassle. Daniel 5:10-12

3. It's intuitive -The seed in you could be an unusual understanding of certain chores, complex to others but easy to you. Ben Carson-first to successfully separate Siamese twins is a very good example. He said whenever, he came across challenges during surgeries that he overcame intuitively (new knowledge just flows ) creatively. It's best to choose professions and careers with the understanding of the nature of your seed behind you.

4. It's inventive and creative. Your seed creates things. At this level, life is beautiful . Footballers like Messi, Pele, boxers like Ali, apply little efforts to yield great result. Some people are just creative with their hands and legs. Give them anything, they will bring forth great innovations and designs etc. Science and art students are wired differently . Albert Einstein was said to be dull by his teacher because his seed was not deployed in the right place. But when he was fully seeded, he became one of the greatest in the science world.

Look inside you and find what part you fall within, and deploy yourself accordingly.

You can't multiply until you are fruitful. You can't be fruitful until your seed is carefully sown. Be that seed that fall on the good soil. Bring forth 30,60 and 100 fold. Mt 13:8


  1. Hmmm
    "Your seed is already in you"
    "Your abilities are elements of your seed, you are born with it(them)"
    "You can't multiply until you are fruitful and you can't be fruitful until your seed is carefully sown"

    Very very inspiring sir
    Thank you


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