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Inspired for Growth 1 Cor 15:36-39  Foolish one, what you sow is not made alive unless it dies. 37 And what you sow, you do not sow that body that shall be, but mere grain—perhaps wheat or some other grain. 38 But God gives it a body as He pleases, and to each seed its own body. Every one and every man and woman created was created for growth. for change and for dynamism. Gen 1:11-13 11 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. 12 And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 13 So the evening and the morning were the third day. Let everyone celebrate his or her peculiarity, you can only produce your kind, and take people to where you have been. Gen 1:26-28 28 Then God blessed them,

Thinking Big: Who would you live with? Moving up in career

The meeting started with the question - "with whom would we like to live with?" if we had the chance.  The prelude to this was the comentry on the radio about Wayne Rooney's shenanigan.  On the 'worldly' side of things a few chose Mandela, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and on the spiritual, a few chose their Pastor, the deputy G O and I think somebody chose Pastor Adeboye. Such was the basis of starting the discussion on how to move up in life and carer. The dynamics between the puller and the pulled God father/puller:  You need someone who is higher/better positioned than you and you backed it up with the scriptures (Heb 7:7).  You referred to them as the puller Searching well:  You need to search from within the Church and outside of the Church Do not be explicit/make it obvious to them that you intend to be above them but you want to be the best you can be and if your best ends up being better than/above them it should not cause harm  Motivate your puller:  The

Thinking Big...Pulling someone up

Men tend to b amazed as to challenges in life, but above all there seems to be personal challenges in everyone. For example the following could be relevant to you: runaway father loss of mother at a young age and having to live with different people loss of father and deceit by a man to his 'nuclear' family an 'uncaring' father that failed to see any good in his son. Main lessons learnt from the narratives were Divorce remains to be a poison that we should all avoid because its effect resonates over many years if not generations Regardless of your background, you can go on to do great exploits. What is spoken to your life will ultimately make or mar you but you can overcome that by the grace of God (in cases where you have had negatives spoken into your life) The blessings of a father can and must never be undermined because your optimal position of greatness will never be attained if that blessing is not passed on regardless of one's achievement. The vir

Mentoring: THINKING BIG...poetic secrecy revealed...part 1

The day started like any other mentoring group meetings. Little did I know that it would turn out to be just that...a mentoring meeting with a different topic and agenda. We set out to discuss the abilty to think BIG. What is thinking big, thinking out of the box, I BELIEVE. Many definitions, many suggestions. We now looked into what Ben Carson, the peadiatrician neurosurgical wonder boy said in his book, Thinking Big. It seems this is talking about breaking grounds with your thinking, creating waves beyond even your own perceived limitation, and taking yourself into heights that even your peers will shudder. I like that kind of thinking. It stresses the saying in the bible that 'as the man or woman thinketh in his heart so is he or she...It felt fresh and somehow a wake up call for all of us to think and think hard before embarking on any chore or say or utter any thing, as anything otherwise may expose us to ridicule in the face of wise thinkers or change thinkers(thinking engine


I find the art of burning symbols or even in the most diabolical circumstances, political burning of human beings ranked as one of the basest evil that man can do to man. However, I found it strange for an evangelical Pastor to plan, arrange and canvass for the burning of the Koran as most strange and uncalled shows nothing but abject stupidity and unchristian! Could this be the beginning of Islam-phobic that may set a tinder box of inflammable consequences all over the world or its going to be seen as one of those attention seeking gesture of ignominy. Thinking about it, it can achieve nothing but unnecessary boiling of the temperature of the religious tensions all over the world. If burning of symbols have made any difference, it is only that it has caused more terrorism and undue celebration of cultures that are not worthy of such importance.How many flags of the US, UK etc have been burnt in the middle-east has changed policy, I doubt any. This pastor want publicity for hi


2 Tim 1:7...for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self control. Ask yourself many good things, wonderful ideas, great relationships, great careers, mighty miracles, and so forth have you been denied of, just because you feared? Loads...It is amazing when I think of it...So, your fear denies you of your faith, and hence your faith becomes so weak and de-mobilised to the extent of non-performing. As a Christian, this is disservice to God, and a weaken of your own stance. It deprives you of a lot of benefits and what I call dividends of salvation. God says this month is our month to enhance our faith and demolish our fears. The verse quoted above makes it clear that God chose not to give us the spirit of fear. Fear is therefore a spirit that manifests itself as faith would manifest itself. Fear destroys, faith builds. Fear kills, but faith brings out life. Fear separates, faith brings together. You can achieve all and get to any height with fai


And finally...the two were divorced. Tiger and Ellen...they are in their minds out of the Woods, but for me as a Christian, I think, now they are further in the WOOD. like a Tiger prowling for a meal, when the prey had been alerted that there is a Tiger, prowling, angry and hungry. I appreciate that not all will agree with this little piece, but hey, this is a piece of my own heart... God hates divorce(Malachi 2:16), He has a prerogative to so hate divorce, because He instituted the marriage institution. For Him it was not good for man to be alone(Gen 2:18)hence he created the woman out of the man, so that the two can be one, naked and not ashamed. What God has joined together let no man put aside.(Matt 19:6) Well you may then say but Jesus allowed adultery to be a condition for divorce, (Matt 19:9). I will say, it was not so from the beginning. Jesus made it clear that there was 'a way it was in the beginning, and then Moses for the hardness of your heart allowed that the woma


Dear Christian, The issue of tithe and tithing came heavy as a burden on me two days ago. I had to wake up very early to check out some of the scriptures that were laid on my hearts. The scripture is Leviticus 27:30-32. I don’t know why, but since I heard that testimony of the man that asked God to take 90% of his earnings and give him only/retain only 10%, I have been wondering why some people have such benefits/measure of faith. Then as if that was not enough I was listening to and watching Dr Richard Roberts (Oral Roberts's son) on Television when he shared three things that his Dad taught him that changed his life. 1. God is our only source 2. Plant your seed with focus 3. Expect a miracle. It became clear that God was saying something. Considering the LAF meeting on Sunday and the nature of our contributions, it occurred to me more than ever that I have a responsibility of advising you of the nature and warn you of the dangers and consequences of unfa


The 4th session started off in earnest. Opened with the speed of anticipation. All may be well on the home front, but the other home is gaining ground on this new home. I need to stave us a third coming on strong in my marriage; how much can I steer clear of theirs so they can stay clear of mine....many of such questions abounded. What I pointed out was simply. All in-laws must be good...or must be your choice. Gen 2: 24...therefore a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife. They shall then be one family...or as one. This is not saying that they should both leave and abandon, but that they should leave and cleave in love and in joy. But it is essential that they create something of their own, not superior to or better than, but a new family that needs to be nourished and catered for to the exclusion of all bad influences. I say that the time to draw boundaries is before marriage rather than in marriage. Boundary that has not been drawn in courtship may pose a b

Mentorship class increases

Hey guys The mentoring group(VMG) ADDS MORE TO ITS CLASS. CLASS OF 2, AND CLASS OF 3. Class 2 is actually for ladies only, ages btw 21-34. Some 13 of them. I have already met them and its looking exciting. The idea is to groom them for leadership, relationship, positioning, etc. Sister Bimbo will be seeing them also. Its for one year, they will shadow some of the work of all the classes. Meeting fixed for the 21st of this month. Class 3 is actually a mixed group of 17-20. Young people who want to start looking up maturing into full joy. Have asked them to create a site where they can ask questions. Its for one year and they will meet me occasionally. Great thing is happening. Just to inform you that you should be ready to mentor some of the younger ones.

Mentoring: Relationship assignment(1)

Hey Guys Can we discuss these questions next time. As usual as frankly as possible. They are the posers I put up for real men. Always better with one wife(woman) and One husband(man) Always better not to be divorced It is sometimes better to divorce or separate It is sometimes better to have a partner outside the marriage It is justified to have a partner if the spouse in house is unbearable Always better to avoid domestic violence There are some spouses that they understand only correction through domestic violence The man is always responsible for the state of the home The woman is always responsible for the state of the home They are both responsible equally They are responsible 60 to the man and 40 to the woman vice versa Always better to be married Always better to be married with kids Always better not to have girlfriends Always better to have wife as confidants Always better for man to look after wife and children Always better to resist outside influence on

Mentorship on Relationship: the discussions(2)

Ever so wonderful on the day. 40 things I want and you want. Funny, that we had common wants and don't want. Not to our amazement, but quite fascinating, we learnt that itS not mY problem or her problem, but Men issues and Women issues. Principle: An average man will want what an average woman may not deliver. An average woman may want what an average man may not deliver. The result: the law of the average can never deliver the best result. Compromise: Negotiate, so that the average man will become what the average woman wants, vice versa. So why? Some say, women are emotional, and Men are Logical. Emotional being allowing one's heart to determine what one's head is asking for, and logical being allowing one's head to determine what one's heart is asking But really, it just cant be that every woman is emotional and every man is logical. Mentor advised that most of the time it may seem so, but usually logic is found in emotion and emotion is found in

Mentorship on Relationship: the discussions

And so it was that the first 'mentoring class' was held. The topic was Relationship. We looked at the three kinds of relationship(friendship)that one can have and one should note. 1. Confidants : those who are sold out to you. The are not moved by your mistakes, they stick with you all the way. 2. Constituents :those who are sold out to your ideas/achievements only. As long as those ideas and achievements remain, they remain, but they are not sold out to you. When you make a mistake or error of judgment they take to their heels. 3. Comrades : those who fight your fight. As long as there is a fight to pick, they are with you, But once there no fight, you become boring and they leave. Two of the facilitators, Sola and Niran assisted in bringing both the spiritual and physical depth to the class. In particular I liked the covenant relationship between David and Jonathan(confidants); Moses and Aaron(constituent); Paul and Demas/ Moses and the children of Israel). I particularly
VINE MENTORING GROUP(VMP) This group was founded by Tayo Arowojolu The membership was drawn from the 12 men who took part in the father's day play agenda on the 24th of June 2010 at NCC Edmonton, London auditorium.Two mentees and two special assistants were also added. This is a collection of mentoring relationships that meet together on a regular basis for an agreed upon length of time. Primary Purpose 1. Set important developmental goals 2. Build competence and character to reach those goals Components/Methods 1. Mentor-facilitator and mentee 2. Peer mentoring relationship amongst the group 3. All mentees and 2-3 facilitators Primary Objective Accountable to each other on the two primary purpose above Advantages 1. Maximise its pool of qualified mentors 2, Bonding and Building a network 3. Ability to move at a similar pace into greater responsibility 4. Multiple sources of feedback 5. Normalise a mentoring culture throughout the organisation Disadvantages 1.Confiden


PRAYER CHIT CHAT (6) Jehoiachin: it was the mercy of God (2kings 25v27-30 A captured King, a subdued kingdom, and dejected people in slavery. Then suddenly the mercy of God descended on the King, and he began to eat with the royals. This month in the mighty name of Jesus, you will be released to partake in the inheritance of the people of God. Amen. Paul : it was the Grace of God (2 Cor 12 v 9) Maybe there is a challenge you are facing, maybe there is depression that has hit you, maybe there seems to be no strength in you. By the grace that was available to Paul, this month you shall be immersed in that grace and flourish in Jesus Name Amen. David: it was the favour of God (1Sam 16 v 11-13) Yes, in the past you have been ignored, deprived, denied and neglected. This month of July is your month. All such that have passed you by, will come back to pay you big. You will receive an accelerated blessing that will catapult you to your rightful place of honour in Jesus Name. Favour that has b

Prayer ChitChat-4

Prayer Chitchat(4) Luke 10 v 30-36 A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him and departed leaving him half dead… You have left peace to a dangerous fortified city that is stronger than you, you have fallen and your dignity has been tarnished, you have left your comfort zone to a danger zone, I plead these prayers for you. 1. Oh Lord have mercy, let the mercy that comes with favour abide in me today. Let my error and mistakes not be counted against me. Show me your mercy now Oh Lord. 2. Oh Lord, I confess that I have sinned, and I know you are just and able to forgive me my sins and cleanse me. Lord wash me. Amen 3. Lord, I have fallen amongst spirit thieves and soul robbers, and they have taken my cover and reputation, Oh Lord restores to me your garment and your glory. 4. Lord I have been wounded by my relationship, and I am finding it difficult to forgive, Lord, render unto me your kindness and take bitter


APRIL: THE MONTH I RETURN...WASHED IN HIS BLOOD. Luke 15 v 11-32 I wonder how men were going to judge David if they had the privilege...I guess it would have been harsh and with no holds bar or no prisoner taken... May you never be at the mercy of man. David chose God because of His mercy and the fact that he knew him and that he would not count his sins against him, if he truly repented. There comes a time when what you need is mercy and complete forgiveness. A time of repentance and expectation that indeed on this occasion you might have really messed up, and you really deserve to be punished but to what extent? At occasions like these, you want God to be the disciplinarian, not man, because some men have been waiting for a time like this to punish you and ridicule you. But God will not allow them. The prodigal son decided to go back home to suffer in the hands of his daddy(God), than waste in the harsh land of man's oppression. Many of us don't want to come back home becaus

MAY: The Month I declare His Faithfulness, By His Miracles

MAY: THE MONTH I DECLARE HIS FAITHFULNESS, BY HIS MIRACLES. John 9: 25….He answered and said, whether he is a sinner or not I do not know, One thing I know, that though I was blind, now I can see. The statement above was a remarkable one from a man who was cleansed of an unusual disability in an unusual way and sent on an unusual journey, with an unusual result. The circumstances and the result leading to the conviction of this man, is my desire for you this month. That what is uniquely unbelievable will become casual and normal possibilities in your life. Amen. I pray that at the end of this month you will declare God’s faithfulness because of His love and miracles in Jesus Name. Amen. Even though we do not want to live our lives on miracles only, we want His miracles on occasions when circumstances of our life require God’s intervention or how else would Hannah had a child like Samuel, (1Sam 1) …she later declared, for this child I prayed…or Elizabeth could have John, (Luke 1) She


Deuteronomy 1:15...leaders...wise and knowledgeable men... Someone said ... the day a leader looks back and find no one following behind him, he is no longer a leader, and he has become a follower. Good piece. This is a disaster for such a leader, because such testimony brings to question his own ability to move his followers along. He has become irrelevant. A leader must always be coming up with ideas and means of implementation, be it at home, church or in the office. A leader must take a lead. A leader is described as that person who (1) builds up people, (2) to achieve goals. I love that definition. You cannot be a leader if you are not building and pushing the people following you to achieve goals. In the course of pushing you are also building, not bullying or else the leaders will lose focus by distractions and unnecessary internal bickering. Imagine Jesus in his earthly ministry. He was the one who cast the vision (Luke 4:18-19), and did everything to ensure that his goal


On my 44th birthday, I was in my car driving from outside London with my wife. Suddenly thoughts of the significance of that year dawned on me. As I allowed myself to take in the joy of the day and connect with God, He began to ask me to write down the following, which I quickly scibbled down and then I tilted it My Fanta hallmarks of an achiever. I used the word Fanta for its brightness and colour. It dazed even, me. Looking back at the notes just over 3 years after, I felt the need to share it with the world and titled it 44 Hallmarks of a Super Achiever. Read on and Enjoy... JOSHUA 14:6-15 44 HALLMARKS OF A SUPER ACHIEVER 1. You must not live by a miracle, and yet must expect a miracle(operate in the miraculous) Act 10:38 How God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power; how He went about doing good and, in particular, curing all who were harassed and oppressed by [the power of] the devil, for God was with Him. 2. Yo

New Year Resolution or Promises made to be broken?

This is wishing you a good year and God's blessings. I guess you made some resolutions for this year...again? And funny enough but not surprising you have broken one or two or all already? Dont worry, you are not So what would you say...resolutions are promises made to be broken? why has it been so difficult for some of us to keep to our resolutions...whats the point in making them if they are to be broken in anyway...Do you want to share some of the easily broken resolution that you know?


FEBRUARY: THE MONTH OF HIS GOOD SUCCESS FOR ME Joshua 1:2-9 The dynamics of who want to be a millionaire are both scripturally based and physically applied. I found the below quoted article appropriate, so I lifted it wholly. Study it and you will be rich. Most especially, you will see that the nature and characteristics in acheiving good success just like Joshua in the Bible is so clear, that it takes only christian values to enjoy good success. I am beginning a series tilted Who wants to be a Millionaire in church from mid-Feb, and I hope to run it for 4weeks, I also hope to bring in a real time millionaire to speak at the church!! Its going to be very interesting. These principles are simple, effective, and easy to apply. Virtually, everyone starts with nothing. Success, though, is not by accident. When you begin to think and do the same things that self-made millionaires do, you will begin to get the same results and rewards that they do. Each one of these characteristics is ind


Micah 4:7 Prophetically, I say the year 2010 is going to be my year of His Reign…and by prophetic implication it is definitely going to be your year of His Reign. Oh, how I love this year coming. It is a year that God’s kingdom will reign over your life and mine too. In Micah 4:7, “the Lord said I will transform the lame into the nucleaus of a new nation, and those far off into a mighty nation. The Lord will reign over them on mount Zion, from that day forward and forevermore” But what does it mean to reign? It means to dominate, to have power or authority or influence over; it also mean to have control, rule, or influence of any kind, to predominate, be prevalent. Just as we have earthly kings ruling over us, we also have our spiritual kings reigning over us. The issue is someone must be reigning over you in the spiritual either the kingdom of darkness or light. We are subject to their rules/kingdoms. For you and I, it is essential that we understand that we are under the dominion o


Joel 2:15-32 I believe you deserve a BIG congratulation for seeing it through to the end of the year. Congratulate yourself. It is without doubt a very challenging year for everyone either directly or indirectly. I am thankful that we have hope, and our God is a God of hope and not of evil. Jer 29:11.The unique character of our God is that He is in the business of restoring us to glory and greater glory. He says he will give us life and life abundantly. John 10:10. He has not forgotten your prayers said at the beginning of this year, neither was he unaware of some of the challenges, losses, disappointments you might have encountered this year. My friends I can assure you that he sees all and knows all. Gen 16:13-14. Be assured that this year will not end without him coming through for you. He will restore everything that you have lost (Joel 2:25), and he will faithfully keep all that he has promised. Romans 4:21. This month is special. Special in the sense that we are expectant