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Pathway-Earning, a vital starting point to success. The clip above is on my youtube channel. It teaches on Earning being a vital starting point to success.


How to grow-an exposition  Outline: Mt 13:3-8 parable Mt 13:18-23 explanations other references Luke 8 Mark 4 There is a sower-(who ?-Jesus; preacher; you; bizman/woman; Husband or Wife...then compare to seed released from man) There is one seed(a seed vs 3) Seeds-verse 19 or the word in Mk verse 4:14) or Lk 8:11) But seed can be corruptible or incorruptible: 1 Peter 1:23... What is a corruptible or incorruptible seed in -word in church  -marriage/relationship -biz Some seed are corrupted before they are planted or the soil corrupts them Examples... What is the nature of seed. (John 12:24- (Ps 92:12-   There are four kinds of soil Spots of planting: 1.       Road side -birds attack 2.       Rocky places-Sun attack 3.       Thorny places-choke hold attack 4.       Good ground places-fruitful result  Four kinds of people (vs 18-23) 1.       People who do not understand -ignorant In what instances in marriage, r

Essentiality of Purpose-23rd essential on the pathway of success.How to ride high in life.

Jer 1:5 Incidences and Realities of life: We fail because we don't know how to pass . You can go through life a failure, because you didn't know how to pass. It can take you all years to make it We pass because we know how to pass. Ten subheadings 1. Our God is a God of purpose . He never does anything without having a purpose John 3:16 1 John 3:8-son of God was manifested Heb 2:14-15(he might destroy the one who had power of death) Gal 1:3-5...he gave himself for a purpose 2. Everything God made was made for a purpose -Prov 16:4...he made all things for himself ...even the wicked ; he made the devil for a purpose (he needs someone to do his examination for him) God will prepare u for his exams then he will exam u so that when u pass u are promoted Rm 9:17(Pharaoh was made to destroy him); Rm 9:20-24...God made some vessels unto honour and some unto dishonour 3. Some people never discover Gods purpose for their life- they live and die without


This month our theme comes direct from the Master's mouth. He says in John 12:24 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain' From the above, it is clear that there is a seed that is key in any growth. In Mt 13:18-35 we saw a manifestation of the seed in different ways: 1. Not every seed will bear fruit 2. Some seed will produce only temporarily 3. There is a seed that makes a huge impact. This month the Lord want us to concentrate and be that seed that makes a great and huge impact. The scripture above tells us how that can be and how to fulfill purpose. We learnt that we can pass if we know how to pass. The other seeds did not know how to pass hence they failed to fulfill purpose.  To grow and pass in life in all areas of human endeavour you need to follow the steps in that scripture: 1. Be a good seed-Mt 13:23 'hears the word' 2. Be willing