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Prayers for fasting -Day 3

DAY 3-PRAYERS 1. Hold my hands up, lift my head high, support my back and lead me to the highest state this year-Ps 3:3 2. Confuse the enemy of my soul, confront the wicked in their soul, challenge the selfish for my sake-Deut 33:27 3. Make me strong, make me whole, make me do your work this year-Ps 43:2 -4 4. Let the star in me shine brighter, let my destiny glow and my output grow larger -Mt 2:2 5. Profit my work, eliminate loss, and promote me all around -Pro 14:23 6. Settle the singles,  encourage  the young adult, meet the matured adult and set our feet to dance -Ps 30:11 7. Grant me uncommon breakthrough, unusual break-in, untold wonders in all my endeavours this year -Dan 5:!! 8. Let me live well, live long and walk tall to your glory this year -Ps 91:16; Ps 35:18; Ps 118:17 9. Let the bell of divine joy sound in my home, let the hills drip with honey, and the land bring forth its milk - Amos 9:13 10. Every prayer this year shall come with a resounding glorious Amen from the thr
DAY 2-PRAYERS TO END FASTING WITH 1. Teach me to apply new divine approaches to old patterns in my life-Is 43:19 2. Grant me divine mercy/cover when the enemy rises up this year-Esther  6:10-12 3. Expose every hidden agenda of the enemy and cover every pit set ahead of me-Ps 64 4. Grant me a heart/grace of forgiveness, even in the face of animosity-Gen 50:19-21 5. Endue me with your attributes so that I can walk the word, and be an epistle for others to read-2 Cor 3:2 6. Prosper the work of my hands, and open the doors of wealth to me-3 John 1:2; Ps 90:17 7. Raise the standard against the enemy, and let me tower above every satanic confrontations-Is 59:19; Ps 91:14 8. Let your angels take charge of me on every trip I take both internal and external-Ps 91:11-13 9. Satisfy the needs and desires of my children and achieve for them their godly agenda-Is  8:18 ; Is 11:2 10. Build divine relationship and pour your water of freshness upon the men and women in the church-Ps 84.
2018-THE YEAR OF THE RISING OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD  3 DAYS FASTING 2 nd -4th January 2018 CLOSING PRAYERS FOR DAY 1 1. Revamp the power in me to be empowered all through this year.  Eph 3:20 2. Restore strength to me at every roadblock  to  help unblock every blockage . Phil 4:13 3. Shine your light on me, so that I can outshine every competitor in my field . Is 60:1-2 4. Double up my courage so that I can dribble every trouble to victory . Jos 1:1-8 5. Break the invisible barrier of any force, forcefully removing every weight that may weigh me down  Heb 12:1-2 6.  Grow my hair back, and every attempt by the enemy to shave it off again, frustrate it . Judges 16:22 7. This year, shall be complete and comfortable for me Oh Lord. Phil 1:6 8. The greater in me, shall smite every great in the world. 1 John 4:4 8. Set my feet aright, my tongue alight and my vision ablaze with glory . Hab 2:2; Obad 1:17; Hos 4:6 9. Keep me permanently under your canopy, and take affliction away from me