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How to receive from the Father-Step 7(Final Step)

Make that prayer a statement of faith. You can believe you have received that prayer immediately you've prayed it. Move to a statement of faith rather than a prayer said in unbelief. You prayed it, so believe it, rather than doubt it. After you have prayed, begin to declare that you have received your petition. Claim it, check and expect the answer. Smith Wigglesworth once said "If you pray seven times for any one thing, you prayed six times in unbelief" I think the purport of this is to say, after you have prayed, say: Father I thank you for answering my prayers. Your demeanour, and your outlook should not remain as it was prior to your prayers and petitions. For example, Hannah was said to change her countenance after she had prayed for a child. 1Samuel 1:18 'and she said, Let your maidservant find favour in your sight. So the woman went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad.' It goes to show that once you have prayed and fasted for a petiti


STEP 6-THANK HIM BEFORE YOU RECEIVE FROM HIM Philippians 4:6 says Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. I believe God knew that with prayer comes doubt, worry, anxiety etc. Especially when what you have prayed for, seems very impossible, urgent and important to your breakthrough. Like I wrote before, the devil stands ready to bring all sorts of worry to our mind when we have finished praying. The word of the Lord is saying instead of fear, doubt or worry, praise and offer thanks. For you to offer thanks for what you have not seen, I believe, is evidence that you already believe you have received it. It's only a thankful heart that can receive a needful petition. There was a lady who I was told, shared a testimony where she thanked the Lord more than 7,000 times for giving her a life partner. She barely left the place of thanksgiving when God answered her. I believe it is the


ASKING THE FATHER: STEP 5-MEDITATE ON HIS PROMISES Hope you are following the steps. By the way, I need to add that all the steps are in sequence and must be followed in that order. God, however, is a gracious father, He will not delay your answers just because you have not followed a particular formula. We teach these things to enhance your Christian walk, so that you can enjoy a wonderful progress on this journey of life. Let us look at step 5. Meditate on God's Promises(word) Prov 4:20-22 identify certain criteria: 1. Attend to my words . This phrase counsels us to give heart to God's word. Give attention to it, for God will make His word good and certain in your life. This is very important, because it is at this stage that you begin to see yourself in your answered prayer. If you are asking for healing, see yourself healed by meditating on God's words. Isaiah 53:5 assures us that By His stripes we were healed. So, it's a done deal. Step into your hea