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Prayer ChitChat-4

Prayer Chitchat(4) Luke 10 v 30-36 A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him and departed leaving him half dead… You have left peace to a dangerous fortified city that is stronger than you, you have fallen and your dignity has been tarnished, you have left your comfort zone to a danger zone, I plead these prayers for you. 1. Oh Lord have mercy, let the mercy that comes with favour abide in me today. Let my error and mistakes not be counted against me. Show me your mercy now Oh Lord. 2. Oh Lord, I confess that I have sinned, and I know you are just and able to forgive me my sins and cleanse me. Lord wash me. Amen 3. Lord, I have fallen amongst spirit thieves and soul robbers, and they have taken my cover and reputation, Oh Lord restores to me your garment and your glory. 4. Lord I have been wounded by my relationship, and I am finding it difficult to forgive, Lord, render unto me your kindness and take bitter


APRIL: THE MONTH I RETURN...WASHED IN HIS BLOOD. Luke 15 v 11-32 I wonder how men were going to judge David if they had the privilege...I guess it would have been harsh and with no holds bar or no prisoner taken... May you never be at the mercy of man. David chose God because of His mercy and the fact that he knew him and that he would not count his sins against him, if he truly repented. There comes a time when what you need is mercy and complete forgiveness. A time of repentance and expectation that indeed on this occasion you might have really messed up, and you really deserve to be punished but to what extent? At occasions like these, you want God to be the disciplinarian, not man, because some men have been waiting for a time like this to punish you and ridicule you. But God will not allow them. The prodigal son decided to go back home to suffer in the hands of his daddy(God), than waste in the harsh land of man's oppression. Many of us don't want to come back home becaus

MAY: The Month I declare His Faithfulness, By His Miracles

MAY: THE MONTH I DECLARE HIS FAITHFULNESS, BY HIS MIRACLES. John 9: 25….He answered and said, whether he is a sinner or not I do not know, One thing I know, that though I was blind, now I can see. The statement above was a remarkable one from a man who was cleansed of an unusual disability in an unusual way and sent on an unusual journey, with an unusual result. The circumstances and the result leading to the conviction of this man, is my desire for you this month. That what is uniquely unbelievable will become casual and normal possibilities in your life. Amen. I pray that at the end of this month you will declare God’s faithfulness because of His love and miracles in Jesus Name. Amen. Even though we do not want to live our lives on miracles only, we want His miracles on occasions when circumstances of our life require God’s intervention or how else would Hannah had a child like Samuel, (1Sam 1) …she later declared, for this child I prayed…or Elizabeth could have John, (Luke 1) She