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PRAYER BOOK-How God told it to me

Dear Friend ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK. First , thanks to the Holy Spirit for deeming me fit to be a vessel for these prayers. I also want to thank my General Overseer, Rev(Dr) Paul Jinadu who gave me the field of ministry to work from; and thanks to the National Overseer, Rev Femi Omisade of NCC UK for leadership. Special thanks to all who have help in one way or the other towards this project; without which this book would not have materialised. …and of course much thanks and love to my darling wife, Bimbo and the 4 super stars Nifemi, Damini, Damisi, Pemiwa Arowojolu It never occurred to me that one day, these prayers would become a book. It is indeed a testimony. God has a very funny side, and He indeed humours us as and when He pleases. I used to find these type of prayers very strange in the past, mostly because I felt prayers should be quite, serene and orderly. It was not until I began to see symbols and pictures anytime I was meditating about prayers, and or whe