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Destiny is a sweet topic, and rightly so. However, there are pointers to enhancement of Destiny. Get them fully on board, and you are made for life, and in life. Follow me on these few hallmarks you should look out for: 1. The company you keep can define your destiny  Protect your life and carefully watch your company. There are those going no where , some going slow motion and there are those that will help you fly high. Keep to them by all means. Company you keep determines your accomplishment.  Anybody who seeks to get along with everybody ends as a nobody  2. Be principled well enough until you become a Principal. Principled people always flourish. They may be in a minority at times, but ultimately, they always triumph in pursuit of their principles. Don't move away from your principled pathway, because its not popular today. Stay with it. Others will follow later. Someone said if you always walk with a crowd, you will be unionised-They are always protesting! 


Always  “glorify him with thanksgiving” -Psalms 69:30 This stage of prayers is very important. The need to thank Him for all he has done. In the first part, we thank and adore him for what He is, whom He is and what He stands for. But this stage, we want to thank him for what He has done. If you don't thank someone for they have done for you, how do you expect to receive from such a person again. If mere humans are worthy of thanksgiving, how much more our Father in heaven. The bible tells us to thank God in everything. 1Thessalonian 5:18. Don't leave it till tomorrow what you can do today. Making thanksgiving as part and parcel of your prayers delight God and bring more wonderful testimonies your way.   Benefits and Power of Thanksgiving : 1. It teaches you grateful attitude. Gratitude brings multiplication/multitude of blessings. In John 6, the feeding of the 5000, Jesus thanked God for little, (John 6:11) and fed thousands. In the hand of that boy, it could only be a

Gambling winnings-Can Pastors sue on it?

CAN A PASTOR SUE A MEMBER WHO REFUSED TO PAY ON WINNINGS FROM GAMBLING-My thoughts. What is a Pledge-  is like a loan(commitment without security-unsecured loan)..Like when u give a personal recognisance. If you fail no one can hold it against u or your property, but it is held against your person and character and integrity. (Note that it's used interchangeably in the bible with a vow) What is a Vow- on the other hand a vow is secured. You secured it with your being and as a bond.  So it's impossible not to pay it. If u don't pay voluntarily, u will pay by force! Jephthah is a good example :-Judges  11:30  as example of a redeemed vow. Mal 3:8-11 is an example of bondage that comes with unredeemed vow, and blessings for vow redeemed. For vows, (exceptionally) in fact u don't need to make a vow directly, there are some embedded covenant vows that automatically came into force the day u gave your life. Examples are Tithe, righteousness. Deut 28:1 onwards. You are familia