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LIVING A WONDERFUL LIFE- Jer 32:42b(MSG) Have you ever wondered how one lives a wonderful life. I mean a life of wonder. I believe that is what the Lord want us to experience this month. After having prayed and fasted for 40 weeks (every Wednesday at MOT), and then embarking on a SNOW journey...i.e. seven nights of wonders, it is not expected that one should live a normal or dull life any longer. I have great expectations that one can start to live a wonderful life: I set here pathway to living a wonderful life: 1. Have Faith . Faith is rightly defined in Heb 11:1 as the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. A strong desire to bring to be, what seemed to be impossible. A number of examples in the bible speak volumes. In Mark 10:47 a previously blind man, cut through the odds of a teeming crowd and resistance to attract the attention of Jesus. Even though he could not see, he believed the possibility by his action. And he saw, and thereafter lived a won