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#PTASays Pathway To Success By Tayo Arowojolu (PTA)



6. God has a purpose for your life . He sent u to the world for a purpose. You are here today for a purpose. So what's God purpose for my life?: it's difficult because, purpose differs - Ex 17:8-13...children of Amalek attacked the children of Israel...Aaron and Hur. They made him comfortable, make Pastor comfortable...Moses sat down etc...they were late starters but they were true to the end; till the battle was won. The team won the battle. You have your own role to play for the army of God to win. Men of God also need encourager s. 7. For every child of God there are 5 certain and common assurances for them all: a, it's a good one; Jer 29:11 ; b; Eph 1:10-12...God wants his name to be glorified through u so u can praise him for ever. Royal priesthood ... c;John 15:16....I chose you 1. to bring forth fruit -  2. you have a fruitful life not a useless life. 3. He also want all your prayers answered. d. Gen 12:1-3...blessings of Abrah


24 F actors in the  Pathway to success   7 Divine R elationship principles- must do    Pathway to success1:   If my success depends on his or her success, would I not do everything to make him or her successful ?     Romans   12:10 (I f your success depends on someone else’s success you will work hard er .  If your success depends on that brother ’s success , you will do everything to take that brother through the door.  If your success was dependant on that sister’s success, you will climb the mountain for her,  If you recongise that your spouse’s success depends  on you, you will do everything, whatsoever is possible  to ensure your spouse  succeeds)   Pathway to Success 2:  Forget the excesses, concentrate on the surpluses. The positive, not the negative. Col 3:2 'set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.'-wealthyways extra.   Pathway to success  3 :  Unless someone comes to you for counsel on their negatives, and you are sure they can handle hurts and bitte


Workers creed for April-VIRTUE THEME PASSAGE-Phil 4:8 Virtue has been defined as an habitual and firm disposition to do good. When you want to perform good deeds and want to give the best of yourself, you are said to be virtuous. This month, let us all perform at our best. Let us give a random act of kindness.  A person with virtue displays wisdom courage kindness good manners courtesy modesty generosity and self control.  Be wise to consider these virtuous traits. How to achieve virtue: 1. Do one good deed and repeat it over and over. It is said that if you do the same thing everyday for 21 days, it would be part of you. 1Tim 4:7 2. Another way is to follow good examples of others in good deeds. Who is your mentor or your disciplers. You may want to emulate him or her in doing good. 2 Tim 2:2  1 Cor 11:1; Phil 3:12 3. You can also gain virtue by allowing God to breathe into you. God can infuse into you divine virtue but you have to ask Him to increase your faith(belief)Mark 9:24; enab