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An Open letter to Mr President, Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Jonathan

An Open  letter to Mr President  Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Jonathan  I write this letter to congratulate you on a resounding victory at the just concluded presidential election. We are believing that the rest of the elections will also be fair and seen as fair, not only by Nigerians, but also by the International community who are desperate for Nigeria, the giant of Africa to take her rightful place. Despite skirmishes, here and there, it is without doubt one of the truest reflection of peoples heartfelt desire to select by election, a candidate on a one man one vote basis. This for most people of good minds and conscience is enough.   A cardinal thrust of democracy for me, is fulfilled. Mr President Sir, now that you have been voted for, I say many questions would be asked of the next 4 years. How you answer those questions will determine the kind of legacy that you will leave in the annals of history of Nigeria. Benjamin Franklin, the great American statesman and leader , was