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On my 44th birthday, I was in my car driving from outside London with my wife. Suddenly thoughts of the significance of that year dawned on me. As I allowed myself to take in the joy of the day and connect with God, He began to ask me to write down the following, which I quickly scibbled down and then I tilted it My Fanta hallmarks of an achiever. I used the word Fanta for its brightness and colour. It dazed even, me. Looking back at the notes just over 3 years after, I felt the need to share it with the world and titled it 44 Hallmarks of a Super Achiever. Read on and Enjoy... JOSHUA 14:6-15 44 HALLMARKS OF A SUPER ACHIEVER 1. You must not live by a miracle, and yet must expect a miracle(operate in the miraculous) Act 10:38 How God anointed and consecrated Jesus of Nazareth with the [Holy] Spirit and with strength and ability and power; how He went about doing good and, in particular, curing all who were harassed and oppressed by [the power of] the devil, for God was with Him. 2. Yo

New Year Resolution or Promises made to be broken?

This is wishing you a good year and God's blessings. I guess you made some resolutions for this year...again? And funny enough but not surprising you have broken one or two or all already? Dont worry, you are not So what would you say...resolutions are promises made to be broken? why has it been so difficult for some of us to keep to our resolutions...whats the point in making them if they are to be broken in anyway...Do you want to share some of the easily broken resolution that you know?


FEBRUARY: THE MONTH OF HIS GOOD SUCCESS FOR ME Joshua 1:2-9 The dynamics of who want to be a millionaire are both scripturally based and physically applied. I found the below quoted article appropriate, so I lifted it wholly. Study it and you will be rich. Most especially, you will see that the nature and characteristics in acheiving good success just like Joshua in the Bible is so clear, that it takes only christian values to enjoy good success. I am beginning a series tilted Who wants to be a Millionaire in church from mid-Feb, and I hope to run it for 4weeks, I also hope to bring in a real time millionaire to speak at the church!! Its going to be very interesting. These principles are simple, effective, and easy to apply. Virtually, everyone starts with nothing. Success, though, is not by accident. When you begin to think and do the same things that self-made millionaires do, you will begin to get the same results and rewards that they do. Each one of these characteristics is ind


Micah 4:7 Prophetically, I say the year 2010 is going to be my year of His Reign…and by prophetic implication it is definitely going to be your year of His Reign. Oh, how I love this year coming. It is a year that God’s kingdom will reign over your life and mine too. In Micah 4:7, “the Lord said I will transform the lame into the nucleaus of a new nation, and those far off into a mighty nation. The Lord will reign over them on mount Zion, from that day forward and forevermore” But what does it mean to reign? It means to dominate, to have power or authority or influence over; it also mean to have control, rule, or influence of any kind, to predominate, be prevalent. Just as we have earthly kings ruling over us, we also have our spiritual kings reigning over us. The issue is someone must be reigning over you in the spiritual either the kingdom of darkness or light. We are subject to their rules/kingdoms. For you and I, it is essential that we understand that we are under the dominion o


Joel 2:15-32 I believe you deserve a BIG congratulation for seeing it through to the end of the year. Congratulate yourself. It is without doubt a very challenging year for everyone either directly or indirectly. I am thankful that we have hope, and our God is a God of hope and not of evil. Jer 29:11.The unique character of our God is that He is in the business of restoring us to glory and greater glory. He says he will give us life and life abundantly. John 10:10. He has not forgotten your prayers said at the beginning of this year, neither was he unaware of some of the challenges, losses, disappointments you might have encountered this year. My friends I can assure you that he sees all and knows all. Gen 16:13-14. Be assured that this year will not end without him coming through for you. He will restore everything that you have lost (Joel 2:25), and he will faithfully keep all that he has promised. Romans 4:21. This month is special. Special in the sense that we are expectant