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DISCLAIMER: This is an article that someone sent to me. I found it quite interesting and most challenging. I am hoping to write a rejoinder, but I am still not in a good frame of mind to do just that yet...however, I wish my followers on this blog could comment... Nigerians: The Happiest People And The Most Stupid > > > > The festival of life (FOL) is London's equivalent of > Holy > > Ghost night - the monthly gathering of Christians in Nigeria, > > irrespective of denominations, at the > redeemed > > Christian church camp to offer prayers and praises to > God. > > Although the FOL is held twice a year at the Excel > centre in > > East London, it is already turning into a ritual > similar to > > the one at home. The turnout is always massive and > the > > passion generated at the event is just typical of any gathering of > > devoted Nigerian Christians. > > > > Politicians, clergymen from the


Dear Disciple The issue of love and submission has become so naughty that some couples are really contemplating divorce. Recently, we have been discussing matters of relationship in the church at Edmonton, and I am beginning to see some issues differently that i want to share, maybe these things would help some people out there. I will highlight important issues and say a bit about each of them... 1. We cannot even begin to advance any argument in love and submission, without submission been a character trait in one's self. You cannot submit to anybody or love anybody without first loving and submi tting to yourself. The extent which you can submit to yourself and love yourself is the proportionate to the love and submission you will feel disposed towards someone else. 2. So responsibility for submission must be mutual in the first instance. Submit oneself to one another. Once you can firmly understand this, you will understand everything. Submission and love will th

TOUGH TALK: 80%-20% it true of your marriage?

TOUGH TALK: 80%-20% it true of your marriage?

80%-20% it true of your marriage?- repeat

I was trying to resolve some testy and complex issues of marriage, and this theory came up as a poser. It says, men and women may never find 100% satisfaction in their marriages, and thus would look outside of marriage for the missing 20%...what an exchange of practical and down to earth exchanges we had. I then thought up some posers/questions/thoughts, and wonders if one or more of these posers ever crossed your mind? Can you be true...and real...if so, answer these questions and post back to me as comments on my blog ; if you dare! POSERS Always better to have one wife(woman) and One husband(man) Always better not to be divorced It is sometimes better to divorce or separate It is sometimes better to have a partner outside the marriage It is justified to have a partner if the spouse in house is unbearable Always better to avoid domestic violence There are some spouses that they understand only correction through domestic violence The man is always responsib


Let’s look at Birth and Death against this background: Birth: You did not choose where you were born neither to what parents, city, country, religion or whenever you were to be born. If you had a hand in it, some of you would not on your life ask to be born in Africa, may be in the USA, and not just in any city or any family. Some would like to be born in Hollywood, right in Tom Cruise’s family, and right on his bed!!; Maybe in Sean Connery’s BACK YARD. Or better still inside the four walls of Buckingham Palace, you would salivate on the paparazzi; don’t mind the I don’t like them attitude…It’s better than been born in ile-oluji; arochukwu; abatete; kanji, and the Baghdad and Darfur of modern day etc. You also got it free. You just came to the world after someone’s labour and pain!! In fact, you with several billions of other would be individuals attempted the gasp for life, and you succeeded, and others were unfortunate, hence you came in with a cry and a whimper. Death: You also have


PERSISITENT PERPLEXITY SHALL NOT PERPLEX YOU Dear Disciple, I am writing this piece as an encouragement to some of you who may be going through some perplexity at this time and also because every one of us has gone through it or will go through it sometime, as a basis of preparation. One thing that is sure is whatever you are going through now; this also will come to an end, because the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Amen. Now what then is Perplexity? A tangled, involved, or confused condition or situation. So, there you are. If by any means you have been tangled, involved in, or confused with a condition or situation, and you are not finding ways out, and you are beginning to be frustrated and confused and discouraged, this piece is for you. I feel led to speak to you through this piece. I will be basing my writing on the experience that Paul so much analysed in 2Cor 11:24-26; and the conclusion that God came to, with him… my grace is sufficient for you and 2Co


Essentially it has been said that the time of birth and the time of death are very significant. The reasons why we say they are significant are because we see Birth as the miracle of a life being celebrated. Unless we want to deceive ourselves, we know that not all births are celebrated. Some are sad when they have children; some are sad by the circumstances of birth, and some children are born in unpalatable circumstances. No wonder then, that what you consider precious is an object of ridicule, pain, and eventual abandonment to others. Someone says: Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct. Another reason for saying birth is significant is that you are introduced to a wide new opportunities at birth Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything. ” William MacNeile Dixon quotes “ Birth is the beginning of dea
Dear Disciple, 1. PREPARE FOR ELEVATION: It is always important that you are prepared for elevation or promotion or before you move into something new. Funny enough it could be to a new job, career, marriage, ministry, or even retirement etc. As we prepare for this move, we should also prepare spiritually. Most of us don’t prepare with expectation. Expectation must bring preparation as its first cousin. This month as you are expecting to be lifted in all the areas: spiritually, physically, and in all the …ally, I implore you to also begin to prepare in your heart for the elevation. See, what could have happened if there was no water in the jars at the wedding at Canaan (see John 2:6 ) Simple: NO WINE!!!! Jesus could only turn something to anything. He could fill the jars with water, but he wouldn’t, a waste of time. He was a Guest like all others. But thank God that the first miracle came by some people who prepared the water, and fetched the water into the jars. Some of us wonder wh


Have you noticed? If not, I have noticed that we are in a season of corrective regimes...that is what you have when everybody is blaming someone for letting us all down...Its one of the hallmarks of a bad economy, and general amnesia and wanton corruption in the system. The church was blamed a couple of years ago, and last year it started again with the MPs blaming the bankers, and then the MPs themselves were blamed by the Press over expenses, and now guess what...the Press is being blamed over telephone hacking etc. The question is when would it stop, do you know? We experienced it in Nigeria too...Tafa Balewa came to correct the colonial masters, who came to correct the traditional rulers, then Nzeogwu came to correct Tafa Balewa that came to correct the colonial masters...Ironsi then came to correct Nzeogwu who came to correct....then Gowon came to correct Ironsi, who came to correct...who came to correct....then Murtala came to correct, Gowon who came to correct...then we paused u