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APRIL-The month I become wiser. Prov 8:14-

Welcome to the wisdom month, and a wiser quarter. The Bible tells us all the things that wisdom can do in Prov 8:14-36. All through the bible we see the power of wisdom and ultimately we know Christ is wisdom personified. Wisdom is so important that Solomon in his book of proverbs chapter 4:7 declares '...wisdom is the principal thing...get wisdom...' You therefore might ask yourself, why is wisdom so important and what is wisdom. Simply put Wisdom is the application of knowledge. And wisdom is the main thing. A teacher of wisdom compares wisdom to a core subject in the University. He says if you don't pass that subject, even if you passed all the other minor subjects, you are not moving ahead. So Wisdom is able to determine your destiny. The wisdom we talk about is different from every other wisdom. There are different kinds of wisdom(James 3:13-17- 1. Earthly and sensual wisdom. It is common sense at best. 2. Intellectual wisdom. Your collation of degrees