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Overcoming life's problems-final part.

Overcoming Life’s Problems –Part 3 Solutions & Strategies of getting out of problems The strategies needed to help overcome such problems are: 1.  Recognise the problem .: It is key to make a list of all the problems and say to that list “you are my problems”. There are occasions when we think we know the problem when we do not.  A typical Christian has been taught to say that he or she does not have a problem, but is only facing challenges, and then goes and buries his head in the sand. That would not take away the problem. What Hezekiah did in Isaiah 36 v 13 & 22 was to list his problems and rent his garment. Many of us when we want to convey a big problem like a death to the spouse, we begin to confess what is not right or correct, or start by first saying the opposite of what has happened. That is not coming to reality with the problem. This is very common with Africans. The way to approach a problem is to break it, and not to rig marrow  Hezekiah’s official

50th prayer to pray when you turn 50

This is the 50th prayer you should pray when you turn 50! 50. My Father and my God, let me fulfil every purpose and every plan you set out for me on Earth, and when I am done and meet you face to face, let that glorious seat, crown and place in heaven be available for me. Amen x 3 Settled. Scriptures Jer 1v4-12 1 Peter 5:4 Luke 9:62 2Tim 4:8 Rev 3:11 Star passage Leviticus 26v1-13. Happy Birthday and may you guys live long. Really love you. NB This is the last prayer in the series '49 prayers you must pray or ought to pray before you turn 50, and you can still pray after 50. I added a 5Oth to celebrate my 50th birthday today. The 49 other prayers are been compiled in a prayer book yet to be released. You can make your reservation here in my blog.