1. Teach me to apply new divine approaches to old patterns in my life-Is 43:19

2. Grant me divine mercy/cover when the enemy rises up this year-Esther 6:10-12

3. Expose every hidden agenda of the enemy and cover every pit set ahead of me-Ps 64

4. Grant me a heart/grace of forgiveness, even in the face of animosity-Gen 50:19-21

5. Endue me with your attributes so that I can walk the word, and be an epistle for others to read-2 Cor 3:2

6. Prosper the work of my hands, and open the doors of wealth to me-3 John 1:2; Ps 90:17

7. Raise the standard against the enemy, and let me tower above every satanic confrontations-Is 59:19; Ps 91:14

8. Let your angels take charge of me on every trip I take both internal and external-Ps 91:11-13

9. Satisfy the needs and desires of my children and achieve for them their godly agenda-Is 8:18; Is 11:2

10. Build divine relationship and pour your water of freshness upon the men and women in the church-Ps 84.


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