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God is not man.

Blessed morning folks... if God defines a xtian by one failure then God's word is not true...Ps 34v18 And a xtian who defines himself by one failure is not true to God...1 JN 1v9 Any xtian who defines another xtian by a failure is also not true to the faith...Gal 6v1  Since I know that God is not a man that He should lie, Num 23v19, I trust God more than man.. Therefore we can't run from the truth of God, that truth is found in his word and in his church. Pro 30v5 Hence anytime we face challenges of life, we run to him not away from him...Is 55 Job said 'even if he slays me, I will trust him...Job 13v15...Selah Be safe, be secured, be encouraged


NOT SAVING? YOU ARE BROKE!! Lets discuss this. I believe that if you are not saving or have not saved, you are broke. Hear me out. Guiding principles : 1. Your vision of your future determines how you spend your income of today. The above is indicative of how you want that future to be like. What kind of life do you want for yourself,spouse, children, and the kind of impact you want to make in the life of everyone connected to you. For example, I will ask myself, now: What kind of retirement do I want for myself in the future, and how much can I live on in retirement? 2. The pot of gold I have now has to be kept in 3 parts, for present and future use. a)Ordinary saving. This is the saving I put aside on a constant basis, no matter how small this is, I set it apart. I call this smiley pot. b)Emergency saving. This is what I put aside for eventuality. What I use when I am called to make a payment for emergencies. I call this honour pot! c)My investment saving. I call