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IBA Conference: Update on Anti:Corruption Enforcement

This week week I have been attending the IBA Conference in Dubai. Interesting to be with other lawyers to discuss various topics.... Yesterday session was titled Update on Anti-Corruption Enforcement! And ofcourse, I was on the front the back row ironically was the lady Chair of Nigerias EFCC(Commission investigating Economic Crimes)!!! 'Good' thing about Naija is, corruption is a worldwide we are not the so called black sheep...there are more 'white' sheep involved in the kleptomaniac madness!!! Even The 'Saint' the united states(watch it, the small caps is telling...Lool) however, I am scared to report that it crossed my mind most speedingly and fleetingly, that our dear country, may be bankrupt! They have spent and keep on 'eating' our children's money and resources up to 10 generation as we speak...just like their predecessors bankrupted those of my age(40-50) in the early 80s...No wonder, I am still abroad 'slaving s