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Ode to a living one

When someone dies, especially a young person and a loved one and a Christian, we are bound to have and ask questions:  Why did he/she die, why die young, why does a believer die young leaving his/her young ones, why can't prayer raise such and such... I asked same questions, and He answered me fully...but with a question...questions...! He says, why ask me questions to satisfy you, why not ask me questions to satisfy us- you and I? Like: Why did I become human? Why did I become human to save you? Why did I shed my Godliness and Supreme Being? Why did I shed my Godliness and Supreme Being to save you a sinner? Why did I allow sinners and mere mortals to arrest, detain, slap, ridicule, spit at, whipp(not once), questioned me, tried me in their kangaroo court, convict and slay me, as my loved ones, including my physical mum, and spiritual father look on? Why did I do all these to win you from darkness to my light? What benefit is there for me? When even then you still go back to your