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In the last part I indicated that there are tools for thanksgiving.   Yes , please refer to the tools for   praise ,   adoration .   Basically   they are the same tools. I want to concentrate in this final part on supplication. What is supplication: It is a humble petition to someone in authority. Asking for your desires, believing the person the petition is directed to, is able to answer you. In Luke 18:1 Jesus said 'that men ought to pray and not to faint'. So in the story of the woman and the wicked judge, that followed, the woman kept on insisting on the Judge answering her. The judge buckled. When in your prayer process starting from adoration up to thanksgiving, there is no doubt that you already believe there is an authority who is able to answer you. If not you wouldn't have wasted time doing all that. Hence, at this junction of supplication, you are privileged to ask for anything. I mean basically anything. The contents of what you pray about is basically


Dear Brethren Happy new month. March on in victory. This month God will settle us in righteousness: He shall wash; sanctify and justify us in the name of Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. Wherever you might have fallen short, He will revisit and cleanse completely. Amen. (1 Cor 6:11)   You can expect 4 core things for the month of March by reason of    this verse: being washed sanctified justified in the name of Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of Our God. You can live this experience not just by reciting this verse but in all its reality through "WASHED"  -  W et  A nd  S oaked  Hosanna  E xperience  D ay. Hosanna means a shout of praise and adoration. The original root meaning is an appeal to God for deliverance through Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. When Christ entered into Jerusalem, the people shouted hosanna, in praise and adoration, Christ however knew that, this was His first assignment in a series of things that needed to be done to prep