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August-U are washed and blessed by His word.

August: We are blessed and washed by His word. Eph  5:26 . This month God will meet our daily needs. Mt  6:11 . At the night vigil God gave us an insight into the multi-dimensional blessings enjoyed by the widow of Zarephath in 1Kings 17. Such blessings are available and in store to us this month in JN. Be Kind. For one gesture of kindness she enjoyed: 1. 2 portion meal for 3 portion meal(herself, her son and Elijah)-limitation broken 2. From a 2 portion meal her household was fed and blessed. Small became great 3. Her portion never finished until the famine was over. She overcame the spirit of famine. Hindrance broken. 4. Her miserable tomorrow became a blessed tomorrow. Future secured 5. Her expected tragedy day turned to many blessed days. Joy canceled tragedy  6. She overcame the spirit of death 7. God's word (prophecy)came to pass fully in her life time. 'I send you to a widow who will provide for you'  Such shall be your portion this month. Amen x 3 settled in JN 🙏🏾