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And finally...the two were divorced. Tiger and Ellen...they are in their minds out of the Woods, but for me as a Christian, I think, now they are further in the WOOD. like a Tiger prowling for a meal, when the prey had been alerted that there is a Tiger, prowling, angry and hungry. I appreciate that not all will agree with this little piece, but hey, this is a piece of my own heart... God hates divorce(Malachi 2:16), He has a prerogative to so hate divorce, because He instituted the marriage institution. For Him it was not good for man to be alone(Gen 2:18)hence he created the woman out of the man, so that the two can be one, naked and not ashamed. What God has joined together let no man put aside.(Matt 19:6) Well you may then say but Jesus allowed adultery to be a condition for divorce, (Matt 19:9). I will say, it was not so from the beginning. Jesus made it clear that there was 'a way it was in the beginning, and then Moses for the hardness of your heart allowed that the woma


Dear Christian, The issue of tithe and tithing came heavy as a burden on me two days ago. I had to wake up very early to check out some of the scriptures that were laid on my hearts. The scripture is Leviticus 27:30-32. I don’t know why, but since I heard that testimony of the man that asked God to take 90% of his earnings and give him only/retain only 10%, I have been wondering why some people have such benefits/measure of faith. Then as if that was not enough I was listening to and watching Dr Richard Roberts (Oral Roberts's son) on Television when he shared three things that his Dad taught him that changed his life. 1. God is our only source 2. Plant your seed with focus 3. Expect a miracle. It became clear that God was saying something. Considering the LAF meeting on Sunday and the nature of our contributions, it occurred to me more than ever that I have a responsibility of advising you of the nature and warn you of the dangers and consequences of unfa


The 4th session started off in earnest. Opened with the speed of anticipation. All may be well on the home front, but the other home is gaining ground on this new home. I need to stave us a third coming on strong in my marriage; how much can I steer clear of theirs so they can stay clear of mine....many of such questions abounded. What I pointed out was simply. All in-laws must be good...or must be your choice. Gen 2: 24...therefore a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife. They shall then be one family...or as one. This is not saying that they should both leave and abandon, but that they should leave and cleave in love and in joy. But it is essential that they create something of their own, not superior to or better than, but a new family that needs to be nourished and catered for to the exclusion of all bad influences. I say that the time to draw boundaries is before marriage rather than in marriage. Boundary that has not been drawn in courtship may pose a b

Mentorship class increases

Hey guys The mentoring group(VMG) ADDS MORE TO ITS CLASS. CLASS OF 2, AND CLASS OF 3. Class 2 is actually for ladies only, ages btw 21-34. Some 13 of them. I have already met them and its looking exciting. The idea is to groom them for leadership, relationship, positioning, etc. Sister Bimbo will be seeing them also. Its for one year, they will shadow some of the work of all the classes. Meeting fixed for the 21st of this month. Class 3 is actually a mixed group of 17-20. Young people who want to start looking up maturing into full joy. Have asked them to create a site where they can ask questions. Its for one year and they will meet me occasionally. Great thing is happening. Just to inform you that you should be ready to mentor some of the younger ones.