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53 prayer chitchat to you on my 53rd birthday

53 Wonderful prophetic prayers of Wonders to you on this milestone. 1. May the Lord bless u 2. May He increase u 3 May He benefit u 4. May He glorify u 5. May He send u help 6. May He honour u 7. May He empower u 8. May He immerse u in joy 9. May He grant u favour 10. May He be gracious to u 11. May He guide and guard u 12. May He cover u with His feathers 13. May He flourish u 14. May He lift u high 15. May He promote u 16. May He bless your work 17. Bless your family 18. Bless your spouse 19. Bless your relationship  20 Bless your children 21. Bless your career 22. Bless your future  23. May your destiny shine 24 May your destiny be established  25. May your star never go dim 26. May your star never fail or fall 27. May your star never diminish  28. You won't be wounded  29. You wont be hurt 30. You won't die 31. Your won't be tired of God 32. You won't expire 33. You won't be small 34. You won't be few 35. You will celebrate  36. You will dance 37. You will r

FUNDAMENTALS OF PRAYERS-3 'tools of Adoration, praise and thanksgiving'

Welcome   back. In part 2, we considered 'adoration' as part of prayers. In fact it's the first step we need to take for an   effective   prayer session. Within Adoration, I touched on   reverencing   God, thanking him and   praising   him. In   this   part I want to look at the 'tools of adoration, praise and thanksgiving' 1. Our Heart Our heart must be right before we adore, praise or offer   thanksgiving  to   God. You can't adore God with an unclean heart. An unclean heart is an unforgiving heart. Your heart, for the purpose of this article is your soul. Your soul needs to be ready and joyful to magnify the Lord. Luke 1:46.   Ps   42:2;   Ps   63:1 O God my God, early will I seek you, my soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. That state of heart and soul, is a ready-made for adoration, w hen you are in  state of total reverence to God.  Once you capture and place your heart right, worship is


Last time we looked into the general introduction to prayers. We found an acronym sifted out of Jesus guidelines to prayers. In this part I want to share my thoughts on the first letter in the acronym A A=Adoration  What does it mean to adore someone. It is the act of paying honour , reverent homage and fervent and devoted love. With regards to adoring God, It goes on deeper. It goes beyond just appreciating him. It extends to honouring and acknowledging him as the Father, Abba father. 'Our father in heaven' 'Hallowed be your name' Mere saying that as an opening to any prayer, brings God's attention to bear on your prayers . You call Him Father, and you show immediately that you honour him. You acknowledge that the prayer is directed to no one but Him. This is not yet the stage of thanksgiving. It is the stage of devotion. To adore him for what He is, not what He has done for you...not yet. What has He done as a Creator. You can spend time on the good


Prayer has been described as communication with the Lord. A conversation with God. It gives us an opportunity to commune with our Creator. He desires to speak and listen to us. Just as He desired it for man(Adam) in the garden of Eden before the fall. Gen 2:8 'in the cool of the morning' Despite the simplicity of this mutual expressions. It seems that over the years, the mode and style of prayers have become cumbersome or at times beleaguered. There have been 'prayer merchants and warriors' and many people have either been discouraged or belaboured with the 'obligations' associated with prayers, that fewer people feel dissatisfied with their prayer life. The hours to pray, how long, how much, the level of your voice, the things you pray for etc have made a simple communication with God, a 'headache'. The above is not unusual. In Jesus' days, there were all sorts of prayers and expressions. For example The Pharisees and Sadducees show off-