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Mentoring: THINKING BIG...poetic secrecy revealed...part 1

The day started like any other mentoring group meetings. Little did I know that it would turn out to be just that...a mentoring meeting with a different topic and agenda. We set out to discuss the abilty to think BIG. What is thinking big, thinking out of the box, I BELIEVE. Many definitions, many suggestions. We now looked into what Ben Carson, the peadiatrician neurosurgical wonder boy said in his book, Thinking Big. It seems this is talking about breaking grounds with your thinking, creating waves beyond even your own perceived limitation, and taking yourself into heights that even your peers will shudder. I like that kind of thinking. It stresses the saying in the bible that 'as the man or woman thinketh in his heart so is he or she...It felt fresh and somehow a wake up call for all of us to think and think hard before embarking on any chore or say or utter any thing, as anything otherwise may expose us to ridicule in the face of wise thinkers or change thinkers(thinking engine


I find the art of burning symbols or even in the most diabolical circumstances, political burning of human beings ranked as one of the basest evil that man can do to man. However, I found it strange for an evangelical Pastor to plan, arrange and canvass for the burning of the Koran as most strange and uncalled shows nothing but abject stupidity and unchristian! Could this be the beginning of Islam-phobic that may set a tinder box of inflammable consequences all over the world or its going to be seen as one of those attention seeking gesture of ignominy. Thinking about it, it can achieve nothing but unnecessary boiling of the temperature of the religious tensions all over the world. If burning of symbols have made any difference, it is only that it has caused more terrorism and undue celebration of cultures that are not worthy of such importance.How many flags of the US, UK etc have been burnt in the middle-east has changed policy, I doubt any. This pastor want publicity for hi


2 Tim 1:7...for God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self control. Ask yourself many good things, wonderful ideas, great relationships, great careers, mighty miracles, and so forth have you been denied of, just because you feared? Loads...It is amazing when I think of it...So, your fear denies you of your faith, and hence your faith becomes so weak and de-mobilised to the extent of non-performing. As a Christian, this is disservice to God, and a weaken of your own stance. It deprives you of a lot of benefits and what I call dividends of salvation. God says this month is our month to enhance our faith and demolish our fears. The verse quoted above makes it clear that God chose not to give us the spirit of fear. Fear is therefore a spirit that manifests itself as faith would manifest itself. Fear destroys, faith builds. Fear kills, but faith brings out life. Fear separates, faith brings together. You can achieve all and get to any height with fai