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Alas...our prayers have not been answered!! Letter to my friend(A general lambaste)

Dear Friend A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine floated a poser on Facebook. He was canvassing for a State Police in Nigeria, just like in the USA. My take on his poser went beyond the idea, but the fact that Naija is a peculiar creation, where things that seem innocuous at conception becomes a behemoth in creation and administration! Why, I cannot fathom. I lay it bear in my thoughts, and I come to the conclusion that it is a leadership/followership problem that has become endemic within our psyche and it would take more than mere simplistic poser to cure. I have lived in the UK for going to 22yrs now and I have met all sort of people from all sort of nations ...our people(Nigerians-both leaders and followers(if there is any)either by some force of generational curse, extra-terrestial factors, self inflicted, wicked, selfish and corrupt leadership or for whatever reasons, have shown a surprise resistance to change. Its a case of 'wont change,cant change syndrome' I