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Thinking Big: Who would you live with? Moving up in career

The meeting started with the question - "with whom would we like to live with?" if we had the chance.  The prelude to this was the comentry on the radio about Wayne Rooney's shenanigan.  On the 'worldly' side of things a few chose Mandela, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and on the spiritual, a few chose their Pastor, the deputy G O and I think somebody chose Pastor Adeboye. Such was the basis of starting the discussion on how to move up in life and carer. The dynamics between the puller and the pulled God father/puller:  You need someone who is higher/better positioned than you and you backed it up with the scriptures (Heb 7:7).  You referred to them as the puller Searching well:  You need to search from within the Church and outside of the Church Do not be explicit/make it obvious to them that you intend to be above them but you want to be the best you can be and if your best ends up being better than/above them it should not cause harm  Motivate your puller:  The

Thinking Big...Pulling someone up

Men tend to b amazed as to challenges in life, but above all there seems to be personal challenges in everyone. For example the following could be relevant to you: runaway father loss of mother at a young age and having to live with different people loss of father and deceit by a man to his 'nuclear' family an 'uncaring' father that failed to see any good in his son. Main lessons learnt from the narratives were Divorce remains to be a poison that we should all avoid because its effect resonates over many years if not generations Regardless of your background, you can go on to do great exploits. What is spoken to your life will ultimately make or mar you but you can overcome that by the grace of God (in cases where you have had negatives spoken into your life) The blessings of a father can and must never be undermined because your optimal position of greatness will never be attained if that blessing is not passed on regardless of one's achievement. The vir