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Just like the farmer in our story was blessed with a goose, not with a golden egg, God blesses our tangibles and intangibles to bring out the fruits there from. Hence ensure you do not forsake the days of humble beginnings. The story of the man who gave out talents in Matthew 25:14-30 is very appropriate. The man that got one talent was a mean man, he wanted more without working on the little he was given. He was condemned. Throughout the bible we see examples of how God operate. Let us see some examples: 1. He gave Moses a rod. Ex 4:2. And the Lord said to him 'what is in your hand?' This was a small thing that Moses already had use of, in looking after his father in law's flock. But when it was anointed for service of God, the rod delivered miracles including delivering a whole nation. When the Lord want to deliver a nation, he gives a rod. That same rod, became a serpent Ex 4:3;4:17;7:10 That same rod parted the Red Sea Ex 14:16 That same rod brought out water from

ANOINTED TO MULTIPLY(5) In the final analysis (1)

Having understood that we have not been called to poverty, and that we have been redeemed for prosperity and to multiply, it is therefore our responsibility to ensure that we jealously guard the wealth and the inheritance that God has bestowed on us. I have some suggestions: There is a fable by Aesop which wonderfully bring out these lessons. It's the fable of the farmer and the goose that laid the golden eggs. It is said that this farmer became broke and desired wealth. One day he found a goose in his farm. This goose lays a golden egg everyday. The farmer was excited and would take the egg to the market and sold each one for good money. However, the farmer could not wait patiently for a daily laying of the golden eggs. One day he grabbed the goose and opened its belly hoping to take all the eggs inside it. Unfortunately the farmer did not find any egg and also lost the goose. He experienced a regrettable end and suffered from his foolishness.  Two important lessons: 1. Ensur


Also in Psalm 92: 12-14- God's word confirm His expectation for the  righteous. Be righteous and you will flourish like a palm tree.  What do we mean by being righteous? It is not a state of being 100% pure and holy. If so the psalmist wouldn't have stated in Proverbs 24:16 'for a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity'  When we say righteous it means being in line with God's word. So, even when you sin, you have a right to seek His forgiveness, and He will cleanse you of all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9. The use of the word 'palm-tree' is a simile. A simile is a figure of speech in which two unlike things are explicitly compared.  A righteous shall be like a palm tree. We cannot understand how blessed we are to be compared to a palm tree until we find out how blessed and enriched the palm tree is. 'Riches in the Palm tree' 1. Oil products 2. Medicinal usages and ripe old age 3. Wood


3.  Recognize the process of continuous multiplications Having experienced multiplication in the order of Amos 13:9, we can experience continuous multiplication (Leviticus 26:4,- 7);  for God ensure a continuous increase of our seed, b y giving rain in its season- this means your land shall not be dry nor shall it have patches.. God also ensures y our threshing reaches maturity and that there are no gaps between one season and the other. In the normal course of life, threshing will happen then vintage, then a gap before the harvest.  God is saying that He will cause you to multiply and because of the big harvest, whilst you are still harvesting, threshing will be happening and your vintage will still have matured.   God then assures us that as you eat your bread, you will eat it in fullest. This means that you will always be satisfied.  Some people can eat or eat and not be satisfied. That will not be your portion, When we eat our bread  we will be full, you must be full,


UNDERSTANDING (ANOINTED) COVENANT RELATIONSHIP OF MULTIPLICATIONS What is an anointed covenant relationship of Multiplications and what does it mean to me? God’s plan for every Christian is to have an anointed covenant relationship of multiplications with us. (Gen1:28). Anointed, simply means a person separated by calling or gift to God or an individual dedicated to the service of God in a specific calling.  A covenant relationship means a connection between two people based on performance from both sides, resulting in benefits for both parties.  When we add “divine” to the above it triggers multiplication engineered by God. Gen 17: 1-2 shows how this happened to Abram (the anointed one); Abraham (divinely anointed). God said  to him “walk before Me ( perform your part in this covenant ) and be blameless“).  And I will make My covenant between Me and you, and will multiply you exceedingly.”( Covenant relationship of multiplication) Just as God said to Abraham