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Blessed Not Cursed

BLESSED NOT CURSED. Deut 30:11-16 BACKGROUND The subject of curses is always  sensitive  for Christians. We   don't  like it or we shy away from discussing it. Is it  denial , or  do  we  crouch  under the 'word/faith'  canopy ? Or we believe  we are covered and that Christ has  redeemed us from the curse of the law. I ndeed Christ has broken t he curse of the law. Gal 3:13  is  very  clear on that.  However, our life must be lived with the  integrity of that  scriptural truth.  Unfortunately , as right as the word is, we  don't  live right, always.   A   Christian  who speak the  scripture bu t does not live it, is a Christian who 1.  plants   a seed and waters  it, and have full confiden ce it would grow and he would  be alive to eat of the harvest, just because he is a believer. We all  know  that  life is not like that. Mt 13:27-28  tells us that evil men planted whilst men were asleep. Hence, in Gen 12:3 God said of Abraham, those who bless you shall  be blessed, a