An Open letter to Mr President, Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Jonathan

An Open  letter to Mr President  Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Jonathan 
I write this letter to congratulate you on a resounding victory at the just concluded presidential election. We are believing that the rest of the elections will also be fair and seen as fair, not only by Nigerians, but also by the International community who are desperate for Nigeria, the giant of Africa to take her rightful place. Despite skirmishes, here and there, it is without doubt one of the truest reflection of peoples heartfelt desire to select by election, a candidate on a one man one vote basis. This for most people of good minds and conscience is enough.   A cardinal thrust of democracy for me, is fulfilled.

Mr President Sir, now that you have been voted for, I say many questions would be asked of the next 4 years. How you answer those questions will determine the kind of legacy that you will leave in the annals of history of Nigeria. Benjamin Franklin, the great American statesman and leader , was walking out of the office after a 2nd draft of the American Constitution. He was confronted by a woman, who asked, 'Sir, what sort of government are you delivering to us' Mr Franklin looked at the woman and said 'Republic' ....pausing, he added, 'if you can  keep it...'... More than 200 years after, through civil war, shedding of heroes blood, and many other challenges, the American people in patnership with their various leaders have kept the Republic. 

Sir, it is my respectful submission and desire that you  also in partnership with the Nigerian people will keep that legacy. If so, you would have left an indelible mark on the sand of the historical road map of Nigeria, and by implication, on the hearts and minds of the Nigerians, and the International community. At the end of your term in politics, you would have redefined what leadership is truly is, and what politics should really be. Our image and yours would have been written on marbles all over the world, and then you can in your life time step on and walk in the corridors of true power, which is the hearts and minds of every friend and citizen of Nigeria. You would have delivered the greatest dividend of democracy to us, which cannot be wiped off by any tribe, cult and group. You would then step into shoes that your predecessors could not tie it's laces, and you would have secured for your generation yet unborn, something spectacular and heroic. 

Your actions have demonstrated that you are a man of destiny, with potential for great action. You can begin this action programme by sorting out, without fear or favour, the issue of power(incessant black out), and bring that albatross and behemoth to it's knees.

Sir just like Martin Luther King Jnr inspired many to dream, you will be called a great leader, if you can do what John Quincy Adams said....'If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.' Sir, help Nigerians to dream again.

God bless Nigeria, God bless you...

Tayo Arowojolu
A Nigerian Citizen, desperate for leadership.


  1. Hoping Mr Preisdent will get to read this letter and see clearly beyond the printed words.


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