Prayers for fasting -Day 3

DAY 3-PRAYERS 1. Hold my hands up, lift my head high, support my back and lead me to the highest state this year-Ps 3:3 2. Confuse the enemy of my soul, confront the wicked in their soul, challenge the selfish for my sake-Deut 33:27 3. Make me strong, make me whole, make me do your work this year-Ps 43:2 -4 4. Let the star in me shine brighter, let my destiny glow and my output grow larger -Mt 2:2 5. Profit my work, eliminate loss, and promote me all around -Pro 14:23 6. Settle the singles,  encourage  the young adult, meet the matured adult and set our feet to dance -Ps 30:11 7. Grant me uncommon breakthrough, unusual break-in, untold wonders in all my endeavours this year -Dan 5:!! 8. Let me live well, live long and walk tall to your glory this year -Ps 91:16; Ps 35:18; Ps 118:17 9. Let the bell of divine joy sound in my home, let the hills drip with honey, and the land bring forth its milk - Amos 9:13 10. Every prayer this year shall come with a resounding glorious Amen from the thr
DAY 2-PRAYERS TO END FASTING WITH 1. Teach me to apply new divine approaches to old patterns in my life-Is 43:19 2. Grant me divine mercy/cover when the enemy rises up this year-Esther  6:10-12 3. Expose every hidden agenda of the enemy and cover every pit set ahead of me-Ps 64 4. Grant me a heart/grace of forgiveness, even in the face of animosity-Gen 50:19-21 5. Endue me with your attributes so that I can walk the word, and be an epistle for others to read-2 Cor 3:2 6. Prosper the work of my hands, and open the doors of wealth to me-3 John 1:2; Ps 90:17 7. Raise the standard against the enemy, and let me tower above every satanic confrontations-Is 59:19; Ps 91:14 8. Let your angels take charge of me on every trip I take both internal and external-Ps 91:11-13 9. Satisfy the needs and desires of my children and achieve for them their godly agenda-Is  8:18 ; Is 11:2 10. Build divine relationship and pour your water of freshness upon the men and women in the church-Ps 84.
2018-THE YEAR OF THE RISING OF SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD  3 DAYS FASTING 2 nd -4th January 2018 CLOSING PRAYERS FOR DAY 1 1. Revamp the power in me to be empowered all through this year.  Eph 3:20 2. Restore strength to me at every roadblock  to  help unblock every blockage . Phil 4:13 3. Shine your light on me, so that I can outshine every competitor in my field . Is 60:1-2 4. Double up my courage so that I can dribble every trouble to victory . Jos 1:1-8 5. Break the invisible barrier of any force, forcefully removing every weight that may weigh me down  Heb 12:1-2 6.  Grow my hair back, and every attempt by the enemy to shave it off again, frustrate it . Judges 16:22 7. This year, shall be complete and comfortable for me Oh Lord. Phil 1:6 8. The greater in me, shall smite every great in the world. 1 John 4:4 8. Set my feet aright, my tongue alight and my vision ablaze with glory . Hab 2:2; Obad 1:17; Hos 4:6 9. Keep me permanently under your canopy, and take affliction away from me


LIVING A WONDERFUL LIFE- Jer 32:42b(MSG) Have you ever wondered how one lives a wonderful life. I mean a life of wonder. I believe that is what the Lord want us to experience this month. After having prayed and fasted for 40 weeks (every Wednesday at MOT), and then embarking on a SNOW journey...i.e. seven nights of wonders, it is not expected that one should live a normal or dull life any longer. I have great expectations that one can start to live a wonderful life: I set here pathway to living a wonderful life: 1. Have Faith . Faith is rightly defined in Heb 11:1 as the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. A strong desire to bring to be, what seemed to be impossible. A number of examples in the bible speak volumes. In Mark 10:47 a previously blind man, cut through the odds of a teeming crowd and resistance to attract the attention of Jesus. Even though he could not see, he believed the possibility by his action. And he saw, and thereafter lived a won

Wealthy Place

Wealthy Place, Wealthy Ways and Wealthy Destination I have been asked to do a small piece about why I wrote my book titled ‘Wealthy Place’, and share what Africans need to do to arrive at a wealthy destination. Recently, I put up an inspirational quote on my Instagram, it says: ‘Self worth is not the quantum of your money but the momentum of your values. Don't build money, build values, values will bring wealth’- This statement cannot be overstated by anyone looking or aspiring to be wealthy. In my working life I have undertaken many projects i.e. Professional and Business investments. I have also seen or mentored many people who desire to be wealthy. One thing that is certain is making money seems to be an obsession and a primary objective of everyone. Much as I would not argue with anyone who wants to make money (who doesn’t), my concern is, there are foundational values we must imbibe before building a financial empire. These values will sustain wealth and ultimat


OCTOBER-THE MONTH I AM RESTORED TO LAUGHTER-Gen 18:11,12,15 Now Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent, which was behind him.   11  Abraham and Sarah were already very old, and Sarah was past the age of childbearing.   12  So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my lord is old, will I now have this pleasure?” 13  Then the  Lord  said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh and say, ‘Will I really have a child, now that I am old?’   14  Is anything too hard for the  Lord ? I will return to you at the appointed time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” The above passage is very deep. Sarah, understanding the impossibility of her flesh blurted out laughing at what seemed to be an impossible proclamation. Little did she know that the word was a word of prophesy, and from God Himself. She laughed! There are many types of laughter in the bible, but permit me to share a couple with you in this piece: 1. There is the laughter of a fool - Ecc 7:6 .

Blessed Not Cursed

BLESSED NOT CURSED. Deut 30:11-16 BACKGROUND The subject of curses is always  sensitive  for Christians. We   don't  like it or we shy away from discussing it. Is it  denial , or  do  we  crouch  under the 'word/faith'  canopy ? Or we believe  we are covered and that Christ has  redeemed us from the curse of the law. I ndeed Christ has broken t he curse of the law. Gal 3:13  is  very  clear on that.  However, our life must be lived with the  integrity of that  scriptural truth.  Unfortunately , as right as the word is, we  don't  live right, always.   A   Christian  who speak the  scripture bu t does not live it, is a Christian who 1.  plants   a seed and waters  it, and have full confiden ce it would grow and he would  be alive to eat of the harvest, just because he is a believer. We all  know  that  life is not like that. Mt 13:27-28  tells us that evil men planted whilst men were asleep. Hence, in Gen 12:3 God said of Abraham, those who bless you shall  be blessed, a